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Boston Parents Rally for In-Person School Reopening

Boston public school parents and students frustrated by the city government’s failure to open in-person school for most of the city’s public school students are organizing, staging a rally outside City Hall to prod the city to do better.

Dozens of parents and students braved the both the pandemic and the city’s notoriously bleak and windswept City Hall Plaza on Wednesday December 2 to march in a circle, pose for pictures, speak to reporters, and hold hand-lettered signs with slogans like “I Need to be in School!”

Whether the activism over the school closure will last past the eventual end

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Four Steps to Effective and Cost-Effective Special Education

When I went off to college, my father gave me simple, time-tested advice. “Nate,” he said, “You will meet lots of new people, and if you want to get along, just don’t discuss politics, race, or religion.” Decades later, when I headed off to my first day as a school district superintendent, Dad updated his advice and counseled, “Whatever you do, don’t mess with special ed if you want to get along.”

Dad’s caution says so much about the state of special education in America then and now. Even if some are unhappy with the current state of affairs, it

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Reading Suffered Less Than Expected During Pandemic, New Fall 2020 Student Data Show

The unprecedented school closures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020 raised many questions about how student learning would be impacted in the short and long term. NWEA, a not-for-profit research and assessment provider formerly known as the Northwest Evaluation Association, took an initial look at those impacts on student achievement and growth in a new study released today. Our study examined three questions:

  1. How did students perform in fall 2020 in math and reading compared to fall 2019?
  2. How has student academic growth changed since schools physically closed in March 2020?
  3. How did fall 2020 achievement compare
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The Education Exchange: Adding Transparency and Equity with Weighted Student Funding

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