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Student Loan Debt Causes Good Teachers To Leave, But Here’s a Solution

It’s an unfortunate truth for many administrators: schools are losing qualified educators. It’s not that teachers don’t love teaching. Rather, many teachers can’t afford to stay in the profession. More than 60% of educators have student loan debt, which contributes heavily to their financial stress.

Helping your staff address their student loan debt could have a significant impact on retaining good teachers. In fact, according to a June 2020 study, 88% of teachers report they would be more likely to stay in the profession if they could get student loan forgiveness. And 70% would stay if they could get a

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This Video App Connects Teachers So They Share What Matters

There’s no other way to put it; we all miss each other these days. Education feels lonelier than ever. Enter EdSpace, the video app that connects teachers and administrators so they can share stories, ideas, and insights. The format is simple. Simply create up to a three-minute video and share. Others can post comments, ask questions, or simply chime in with an “Amen!”. 

But what we love most about this app is that you’ll get a private channel only visible within your school community. You’ll be able to see who from your school has signed up and communicate with

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It’s Time To Start Reconsidering Suspensions

When Leigh M. Ragsdale-Knoderer took over as principal of Jefferson Elementary, a public school in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, she was committed to helping reduce disciplinary actions. With a background as a teacher at an alternative school, Ragsdale-Knoderer felt that discipline, such as suspension, wasn’t always the right response to negative student behavior like substance misuse or abuse. 

“It goes deeper than coming to school under the influence,” she said, noting that there were substance misuse concerns even at the elementary and middle school levels. “Suspension isn’t going to fix that. Treatment is needed.”

During her first year as principal, Ragsdale-Knoderer

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25 Wonderful Ways To Make School Hallways Positive and Inspiring

Kids spend more time in school hallways than you might think. These awesome ideas give them something motivating and fun to look at while they’re changing classes or rooting around in their lockers. Pro tip? Give students a sense of ownership by inviting them to participate in the painting or decorating! 

1. Turn lockers into books

A student proposed this idea, then teachers and students submitted ideas for the titles they’d like to see. What an amazing collaborative project!

Source: Lincoln K-8 School/Twitter

2. Color-blocking is so effective

The sheer simplicity of this design is what makes it so powerful.

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