It’s Notoriously Hard to Evaluate PD. A New System Aims to Change That – Teaching Now

A new process for judging the quality of professional development has made its debut, with the aim of answering a notoriously difficult question: Which PD is high-quality and which isn’t?

The Professional Learning Partner Guide got started with little fanfare earlier this month. Its first round of reviews evaluates 16 providers who offer PD in math, English/language arts, and science. Some are curriculum publishers, such as Zearn and Great Minds. Others, such as TNTP, offer PD on other organizations’ curricula.

Organizations that want to be evaluated had to submit packages of evidence, which typically ranged from 200 to 400 pages,

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History Educators Respond to Trump: It Matters How We Tell the National Story – Teaching Now

Social studies and history education organizations, and many teachers, criticized the president’s statements yesterday after he condemned history classes that include lessons on systemic racism for teaching what he called “lies” and “left-wing indoctrination.” 

President Donald Trump’s remarks, at a Constitution Day event at the National Archives on Thursday, called for schools to “teach our children the magnificent truth about our country,” echoing rhetoric on history curriculum that he has used throughout his reelection bid, as his campaign has promoted the teaching of American exceptionalism. 

Trump also announced at the event plans to create a “1776 Commission” that would “promote

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Most Teachers Say They’re Worried About Getting COVID-19 at Work – Teaching Now

Teachers and parents have a long list of health precautions they feel are essential to reopening schools, ranging from mandating face coverings to ensuring ventilation systems work properly, a new survey sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers shows. But teachers are somewhat less confident that their school districts will put those measures in place.

Thirty-seven percent of teachers say they are dissatisfied with how their district has communicated plans for reopening schools. Almost a third of teachers said they are not confident their district will take the necessary steps to keep staff safe. And some have taken their safety

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Could President Trump Really Penalize Schools for Teaching the 1619 Project? – Teaching Now

This weekend, President Trump tweeted that California schools would lose education funding if they were teaching the 1619 Project curriculum, a history classroom guide and resources based on the New York Times project of the same name.

In response to a tweet from another user, which said that California schools were using the curriculum, the president wrote: “Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!” (The Department of Education did not respond to a request for comment before publication.) 

The statement is the latest commentary from the president critiquing study

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