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An Open Thank You Letter to the School Custodian

Dear School Custodian,

We don’t appreciate you enough, especially in the year of 2020.

Sam Ewing, a former professional baseball player, once said, “Hard work spotlights the character of people: Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”

Custodians … Thank you for turning up. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves. Thank you for helping with the chaos of COVID cleaning. And thank you for working hard, even when some of us turn up our noses. 

The next time you walk down the hall and your keys jangle in your

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Teaching While Sick, and That’s Not OK–WeAreTeachers

There’s no question that COVID-19 has magnified everything that was already wrong and broken in our education system, including how impossible it is for teachers to take a sick day without adding to their workload or feeling guilty. So I wasn’t surprised when a news story about a teacher still teaching from her hospital bed went viral. Spend just a few minutes on social media, and you’ll see that people, especially teachers, have strong opinions about it. Is she a hero going above and beyond for her students? Or is she contributing to a toxic martyrdom narrative that does more

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COVID Bullying at School is Becoming a Problem for In-Person Learning

The classroom door opens, and an administrator or counselor announces a name. This used to be accompanied by “Ooooh! You’re in trouble and going to the office!” Now there is a hush and sideways glances. Everyone knows that the student is headed for two weeks of quarantine. Around the country, schools still conducting in-person learning have to deal with notifying close contacts of COVID-positive classmates.

Unfortunately, calling a student out in class often starts a spread of gossip too. Kids are naturally curious. They wonder who was exposed. Did someone test positive? Who else did they give it to? But

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7 Evening Routines For Teachers–WeAreTeachers

Whether you love or hate your commute to school, it’s likely you had a solid routine in place before COVID-19 knocked it down like a tsunami. For many of us, the trip from school to home was sacred. It marked the end of the school day and allowed us to wind down after a busy, loud day with the kids. I loved driving in a silent car, cherishing that for the first time that day, no one was asking me a question or interrupting me while I dashed down the hallway to the bathroom before my next class. If you

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