See Which States Have Cancelled Spring Tests Because of Coronavirus – Teaching Now


The coronavirus is closing tens of thousands of schools across the country (see EdWeek’s map for the latest). Most states have closed all their schools statewide. These moves to stem the spread of the virus have rippled through every facet of school life, and assessment is one of the big pieces that has been thrown into disarray.

States are required to get federal permission to suspend or cancel statewide tests, since they’re required by federal law. The U.S. Department of Education has said it will consider waiving federal testing requirements because of the “extraordinary circumstance” of the coronavirus.

Here’s the list of states that have cancelled testing or are seeking permission to do so. We will keep updating it, so stay tuned. 

Colorado: Put tests “on pause” for remainder of school year

Florida: Cancelled tests for the remainder of the school year

Georgia: Suspended tests until further notice

Indiana: Seeking approval of delay in testing 

Iowa: Seeking waiver to suspend testing

Louisiana: Seeking waiver of state testing

Maine: Suspended testing. In talks with College Board to decide whether to administer April 14 school-day SAT.

Michigan: Seeking waiver to suspend testing

Mississippi: Seeking waiver to cancel testing

Nebraska: Delayed testing

South Carolina: Seeking waiver to suspend testing

Texas: Cancelled spring STAAR tests 

Virginia: seeking waiver to suspend testing

Washington: Cancelled tests for remainder of school year 

Wisconsin: Seeking waiver to suspend testing

Image: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, file, edited by EdWeek

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