OurCoaching.com – AnInnovative Step Towards Coaching

OurCoaching – the name pretty explains us. Right? Well, not exactly! Though we are in the field of coaching, we mark our presence with a fresh idea and approach. We are an innovative platform where you and people like you are the coach and trainee. Here, you train and help people in the topics they face difficulty with and you are trained by the other people like you for the topics you face difficulty with. Therefore, learn and teach simultaneously.

Learn, Acquire, Share

OurCoaching.com is an e-learning platform where you share your knowledge while acquiring it. You can be an academician or an instructor or a disciple or a disciplinarian, all at once! We understand that visual learning through images, videos, and infographics are the best way of acquiring and sharing knowledge.

Non-traditional Classroom

OurCoaching.com does not believe in the traditional classrooms. We understand that it is difficult to acquire knowledge within the boundations of a classroom and therefore, offer smart classes. We follow video tutorials which will help young minds to have a successful career.

Learn Free of Cost

We believe learning is a lifelong process. And so, you must not pay for it. We offer e-Learning through images, videos, and infographics, absolutely at free of cost. You can also become an online instructor and share your information and experiences through images, videos, and other mediums. So, with OurCoaching.com, become master of one or many at free of cost.

Learn from All

We absolutely believe in the saying “Old is Gold”. And at the same time, we believe we can learn from everyone around us no matter to which age group he/she belongs to. So, we do not have any age limit for you to become an online instructor or student with us. You got something worth sharing with our readers? Sign in today, become our member, and start sharing your posts, researches, etc. Do not worry about your age!

Wide Choices

You can choose to acquire knowledge and write about from the plethora of topics. We offer a wide range of choices to over 10,000 topics. You can upload the content for free. But our only condition is to upload quality content. You can also publish content on the topics that already have answers given that your answers are presented with a different approach and angle.

Success Mantra

Our success mantra includes a few simple steps. Hard work and determination are the obvious and exigent factors. It is imperative for a learner to never run from the problems in order to learn new things. So, don’t avoid problems. We believe in the facing problems and identifying the right solutions for them. Someone has rightly said that there are no shortcuts to success and therefore, you do your hard work and we are there for you with all the learning material to help you learning and growing.

Inspiration to get Started

No hard work and determination come without the inspiration! The inspiration to do something creative stimulates you mentally to something or feel something. People get inspiration from incidents while some from the other people. We provide you with inspiration from both and keep you motivated to keep running and achieving.

Digital Education – Step Towards Bright Future

With a dream of allowing people to have an easy access to digital education, two MNC professionals together started OurCoaching.com in 2015. Kunal Kapoor, Founder & CEO, and Sahil Kapoor, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Office, are constantly working towards solving the hurdles learners face while having access to education with quality content.

The Final Words

With over 10,000 topics and content from hundreds of contributors, quality content is our main USP. Name the topics, from learning to earning and finance to business, we cover it all! We believe no one should underestimate their capability and so, work towards helping them achieve new things in life.