Top Tips for Effective SMS Marketing

Text message marketing. If you haven’t tried this at all, it might be because you’ve had an inaccurate picture of it all along. Used correctly, it is an opportunity for very precise targeting, and can work to reach an evasive but lucrative demographic: youngsters.

The following are things to remember as you plan your text campaign:

The Right Recipients

Based on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you are only allowed to send text messages to people who have opted to get them, and very importantly, that you let them opt out as easily.No less than the Telephone Consumer Protection Act requires that you only forward text messages to numbers whose owners have opted to receive them, and very importantly, that you allow them to opt out.|You can offer your customers this choice as they go along your online subscription process, or you can have them text a specific term to a dedicated company number.

And ensure that they are aware of what exactly they can expect from your texts. In the end, you should to ask their permission in order for your messages to be sent only to individuals who are actually happy to get them instead of peeved.

Short and On Point

This is crucial: keep your SMS content clear and brief. Any message beyond 160 characters will only be broken down by the phone company, creating confusion to the consumer or even making your entire message un-sendable. Pu in effective calls to action, like your URL or phone number, and use professional language, not slang. Most of all, be creative. Since you’re likely not the only one doing business texting, being competitive is a must.

Timing Does It

Obviously, you don’t want to be sending messages too early or too late in the day, but you also have to ensure that your customers are given adequate time to act on your message. You don’t want to get a coupon for a purchase they’ve already made. You can always create the message beforehand and then simply set it send when the time is right. Also, don’t send multiple messages per consumer or they will only get annoyed.


In contrast to other tactics that allow you to send the same message more than one (social networks especially), never send a person the same text twice. Send a new message every time you need to and try to keep the interest high.

Database Updates

Lastly, remember that mobile phone numbers get changed all the time or even deleted, so take time to update your database regularly. A lot of companies don’t do this at all!

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