All about the Himalayan Salt Lamps

At the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, there is a type of rock salt that is mined and this is the famed Himalayan salt. The deposits will come wide ranging in colors ranging from the light orange, pink, some crystalline with soft translucent white colors. When this piece of rock is hollowed to create room for a light bulb or candle, this is now known as a salt lamp. This salt rock medium will be the medium through which the light will shine casting such a soft and subtle glow of light.

There are quite a number of the dealers of the Himalayan Crystal Salt lamps and as such you will never be short of options to go for. When you are out for the purchase of a Himalayan Rock Salt lamp, you need to have borne in mind quite a number of factors and these are such as we will be seeing mentioned below.

One of the top considerations that you need to look into is that of the quality of the salt. And with this factor of the quality, the next factor that comes along with it is that of the credibility of the supply chain for the salt lamp. By far and large, you need to make sure that the distributor indeed sources their lamps from a fair trade supplier in the Himalayas known for quality Himalayan salt lamps. This with respect to the fact that there are some of the miners who are known for using some poor quality salt for the production of the salt lamps.

The second factor that you will need to look into as you go for the purchase of the salt lamps is to make sure that the lamps are attached to a base for their stability and as well have a UL tested cord. These are all but measures that you need to think of and factor for the sake of your safety as a user of the salt lamp.

You will as well need to look at the shape of the lamp. And with this in mind, the general rule of thumb is that for the more natural looking lamp, consider the less chiseled out ones. Area and size are as well some of the factors that you will be supposed to look into as you look for these lamps. The area is as for the room where the salt lamp is intended for use and as well the size factor is with regards to the size of the lamp itself. The area and the size chosen should be appropriate for it to be effective. If you have a larger area to be served with the salt lamps, it will be proper for you to have the larger lamps or better still several small Himalayan salt lamps.

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