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The Impact of Web Design

We can’t teach the kids not to judge the website of a company nowadays. Even though you have placed a great content in your web page, what matters most to the clients in terms of their perspective towards your business is the web design. It’s actually the trust and not just about attracting your clients.

There are studies that show that majority of the people are rejecting or not trusting a website because of its design and only a few in its content.

The factors that may affect the decision of a client are complex layouts, pop-up advertisements and flashy ads, small fonts, dull design, and poor speed in loading.

A poor web design makes a poor first impression.

To achieve a trustworthy website design, there are five elements you need to know, especially if your website is outdated or you are still designing a website.

1. Making a Strategic Layout.

You can organize and emphasize the content by using the layout of the site that would lead the website visitor through a story. As to your main goal, you can show them the nature of your business or what it is all about by giving them idea on what to do next in your page by showing them a form to fill up or showing them your products or services that you offer.

2. Use White Space.

It is a disappointment to users if they see a busy layout. That is why using a white space is an advantage. It is not necessary to display a color white, but the white space or also called negative space, is defined as the nonappearance of the other elements. You may have it as the color of the background.
It is also important to take note of the consistency in spacing between the pictures or lines in a paragraph. You will attract more users if you put white space around the element.

Importance of Typography.

If you don’t want to burden your website with a lot of text, you have to make sure that you have a readable, consistent and visually attractive typography. Typography also includes the size, the family and the style of the font. Explore and play with the site’s web page as long as it is easy to read the typography chosen. You just have to keep in mind that visual distraction is caused by having many styles and sizes in the font.

4. Color Theme

Diverse colors and combinations of colors take an effect on the emotions of people. Dark blue, for example, relays a message that you have a business that is professional, trustworthy and secure. Colors can be an attraction to increase visitors on your page. You may not stick to the color of your logo, but you could use some colors complementing your brands.

5. Great Photos.
It will be boring for the site if you don’t put images in the website. It is expected by the readers that the page will be mixed with the icons, photos and logos. Few pictures but amazing images can attract clients to your site.

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