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Remote Learning and Special Education Students: How Eight Families Are Adapting (Video) – On Special Education

When it comes to parenting students with learning differences, every family’s experience is unique. And that reality has never been more true than it is now as millions of students are out of school due to the coronavirus pandemic.  As they juggle remote learning on top of already full plates, parents of these students offer a window into their world— what their challenges are, how they’re adapting, what their schedules look like, and the trauma they’re seeing in their kids. 

‘Stillness and managing chaos’ 

Families open up on their challenges, the lessons they’ve learned through this journey, and the schedules

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Bureau of Indian Education Shortchanges Students With Disabilities – Politics K-12

The Bureau of Indian Education did not provide or could not account for almost 40 percent of the special education service time it’s required to provide for Native American students with disabilities, according to a new a report from a federal watchdog agency.

Inadequate monitoring and a lack of qualified staff were among the factors that left the bureau unable to “ensure that the schools it funds are meeting their responsibilities” under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the nation’s primary special education law, the Government Accountability Office found.

Through an analysis of school records, investigators found that the bureau

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Virtual IEP Meetings: A 6-Step Guide for Parents and Teachers – On Special Education

Federal law has always allowed for remote meetings to review and approve students’ Individualized Education Programs, the carefully constructed plans designed to meet the educational needs of children with learning and physical disabilities, but coronavirus school shutdowns made such meetings a necessity.

Figuring out how to manage the meetings from afar and agreeing on what services students are entitled to in an online learning environment emerged as one of the many challenges for families of special education students and the teachers who serve them.

In response to requests for help from educators and parents, a group of U.S. Department of

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Groups Seek to Ease Spec. Ed. Funding Mandate as Schools Respond to Pandemic – Politics K-12

A coalition of education organizations wants Congress to waive a provision in federal law that requires school districts to maintain consistent funding levels for special education from year to year.

That local “maintenance of effort” provision, part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, will present particular challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as schools confront unprecedented challenges and ballooning budget shortfalls, the groups said in a letter to congressional leaders Wednesday.

As schools rushed to close in response to the virus, many were forced to reorganize staff and resources to educate students remotely, the organizations wrote, and they will continue

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