Expectations for Online Student Behavior Vary During Coronavirus School Closures – Teaching Now

There are countless distractions while learning at home: a cat walking across the keyboard, a sibling goofing off in the background, a comfy bed to lounge on, a pantry full of tempting snacks.  

As teachers tread into uncharted territory with an abrupt mass transition to online learning, many are now having to decide: How much should they be enforcing school rules via webcam?  

Some teachers are making their own set of online class rules and posting them for others on Pinterest, Instagram, and other lesson-sharing sites such as TeachersPayTeachers. Many of these posts seem to replicate the expectations

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Classroom ‘Circle Time’ Moves Online During Coronavirus Pandemic – Teaching Now

Now that schools and workplaces have closed in response to coronavirus, It can seem like everyone has at least one video conference call on their calendar—even 4-year-olds. 

Some pre-K and elementary teachers have started to move circle time, a daily fixture in many early years classrooms, online. 

In class, kids might sit on a rug in front of the teacher during circle time, singing songs, having conversations, and practicing routines. Now, through the internet, their faces show up in little boxes, forming grids across screens. 

The path to remote learning remains uncertain for many teachers—but especially so for those who

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Stories to Make You Smile: Teaching Through a Glass Door – Teaching Now

It’s impossible to escape the daily torrent of grim news as coronavirus upends our home, school, and work lives. To help you cope with the chaos of school building closures, remote learning challenges, and deep fears about the health and safety of your students, co-workers, and loved ones, Education Week will bring you some moments of levity from the world of education. If you have a story you’d like to share: [email protected]. 

For 6th graders, learning how to graph a function can be hard enough in school. But learning it over email? That’s tough. 

Chris Waba, a math

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WATCH: What It’s Really Like for Homeschooling During Coronavirus – Teaching Now

Video and text by Brooke Saias

“I miss my friends and all the specials that we had like P.E., music, computer lab,” says Nina Daer, a third-grader from Tempe, Ariz. 

Coronavirus has shut down schools across the country, forcing millions of students to learn at home. Parents and kids are struggling to adjust to this new reality. In this video, families from Seattle to Maine react to how they feel during this time and talk about what it’s like to navigate these changes together.

“You’re not used to me being your teacher, so I think I get a little more

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