Disinformation Is Rampant. Here’s How Teachers Are Combatting It – Teaching Now

As students search for news online, it’s increasingly likely that they’ll come across the steady stream of disinformation on the web: conspiracy theories like QAnon, manipulated images and videos, false claims that the coronavirus is a hoax.

These stories and statements are regularly debunked by fact-checkers and news outlets. But some students believe them—and bring them into social studies classrooms.

These past few months, the election has been at the center of this: President Donald Trump consistently said, with no evidence, that the election had been stolen from him through massive voter fraud. Viral videos that wrongly claimed to

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Will Teachers Get Priority for COVID-19 Vaccines? – Teaching Now

Those on the front lines of K-12 teaching should get high priority for COVID-19 vaccines, according to a new survey of superintendents, principals, and teachers.

It’s a question that’s taking on increasing urgency as coronavirus rates surge to alarming levels nationwide. Three companies—Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca—have announced promising results of clinical trials on their vaccines. They now face an accelerated approval process.

In a survey fielded Nov. 18-19, after Pfizer and Moderna’s announcements, but before AstraZeneca’s, the EdWeek Research Center asked district leaders, principals, and teachers which preK-12 employees should be considered essential workers and receive early access to COVID-19

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‘One of Your Own in the White House’: A History of Teacher First Ladies and Presidents – Teaching Now

There will be a teacher in the White House come January—the latest in a long line of presidents and first ladies with classroom experience.

Jill Biden, who holds a doctorate degree in education, has taught for more than three decades at a public high school, a psychiatric hospital for adolescents, and community colleges. (She delivered her speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention from her former high school classroom in Delaware.)

Biden—or as she’s known to her students, “Dr. B”—has taught English and writing at Northern Virginia Community College since 2009, when she became second lady. She plans to continue

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Survey: Teachers and Students Are Struggling With Online Learning – Teaching Now

Several months into the new school year, the question remains: Is remote learning going better this fall than it was in the spring?

New data from the RAND Corporation show that many teachers are still struggling.

Teachers in all-remote environments reported higher student absenteeism and less student work completion than teachers in face-to-face classrooms. These online teachers also said that they needed more support and guidance in planning instruction than their colleagues who were teaching in-person.

These results are especially relevant right now, as COVID-19 cases are surging across the country, and several big-city school districts are weighing a return

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