Teachers, This Is All Impossibly Hard, But We’re More Prepared Than We Realize

As a teacher, I have seen several memes going around social media that suggest we are all “first-year teachers again.” While we are undoubtedly experiencing a lot of firsts with hybrid and distance learning, I believe we can utilize the tools we already have to make this school year successful and memorable.

We know how to build strong relationships

One of the best things we do as teachers is to build strong relationships with our students. We can still do this, and in the face of the pandemic, we can maybe do it better than ever. In the past, you

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5 Things We Learned in D.C. About How to Advance Charter Schools

During the eight and a half years I recently spent leading the District of Columbia’s Public Charter School Board, D.C.’s sole charter school authorizer, charters stabilized at serving just under half of the public school students in Washington, D.C. Our test results improved every year. Remarkably, these improvements were matched and sometimes recently exceeded by D.C. Public Schools. And enrollment in both charters and DCPS has grown. The result for the past several years has been exactly what many of us hope charter schools achieve—injecting competition and innovation into public schooling, lifting both sectors and, in the process, helping our

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18 Amazing Alphabet Videos To Help Kids Learn Their ABCs

Is there anything more important in a young student’s life than learning their ABCs? This fundamental skill opens up the world of reading and writing, which can take kids just about anywhere! These alphabet videos help teach and reinforce the letters and their sounds in fun and engaging ways. Kids will beg to watch them again and again!

1. Take a trip to Sesame Street

When it comes to alphabet videos, no one does it better than Sesame Street. This compilation of songs includes famous musical guest stars like Usher and India.Arie, plus familiar characters like Elmo and Kermit the

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Teacher Evaluations in the Era of COVID-19–WeAreTeachers

Never before have we entered into a year of teaching so unprepared. This, despite hours of PD at best and sleepless nights pondering solutions at worst. We weren’t sure until the first students logged in virtually or showed up to our in-person hybrid classes what it would be like to live stream, teach kids how to unmute themselves, or take attendance with unstable technology. For some teachers, the thought of a principal evaluating them is almost laughable as they struggle with other challenges. Nationwide, admins, teachers, and lawmakers now weigh the pros and cons as they endure the challenge of

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