Teachers’ Unions Are Wary of Reopening Schools. Here’s What They’re Saying – Teaching Now

The debate on whether and how to reopen school buildings has ramped up, with some politicians calling for a quick return to full in-person instruction and many teachers expressing major safety concerns.  

President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have urged governors to reopen school buildings, rejecting the hybrid in-person and remote approaches many districts have floated. Trump has threatened to “cut off funding” for schools that continue remote learning. Meanwhile, many teachers have pushed back against the idea of returning to school, saying the plans they’ve seen from their states and districts pose more questions than answers

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The Disparity in PPE in Schools This Fall is Going to be Drastic Between

Thanks to outrageously gerrymandered school districts in my area, most of the kids who live in apartments go to one set of schools and all the kids who live in houses are in a different school zone. I teach at one of the poor schools; virtually all my students get free lunch and most live substantially below the poverty line. But I live in a house, so my kid goes to a wealthy school where there’s a lottery for who gets to chaperone the trip to the water treatment plant, and the Signup Genius for the Thanksgiving Feast is full

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All The Best Ways To Use A Teacher Cart

A few years ago, teachers discovered the RÅSKOG rolling utility cart from IKEA … and they fell in love. Soon, this popular piece was popping up everywhere, personalized to make the perfect teacher cart for every classroom. This year, we predict teacher carts will be more popular than ever, as teachers adjust to the ever-changing learning environments in a COVID-19 world.

Whether you need to travel from classroom to classroom, turn your home office into a virtual learning center, or just keep your classroom clutter under control, this teacher cart is the must-have accessory on every list.

Can’t get to

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Future Teachers Mistake Black Students as ‘Angry’ More Than White Students, Study Shows – Teaching Now

A new study finds that prospective teachers, most of whom are white, are more likely to identify Black children than white children as angry, even when they’re not. 

The study examines teacher-candidates’ “racialized anger bias”—a term coined by the researchers that means seeing anger when none exists. One of the researchers, Amy Halberstadt, had previously done a study that looked at how teacher-candidates perceived the facial expressions of Black adults.

“In that first study, we discovered what Black people already know largely—that people perceive Black adults as angry even when they’re not,” said Halberstadt, who is a professor of

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