Teaching Isn’t Customer Service–WeAreTeachers

Your student’s family is going on a vacation to Hawaii two weeks before winter break, and you get an email the night before they leave asking you to make copies of all of his work and drop it off at their house. Sound familiar? If you’re a teacher who feels like you have to please your students (all 100 of them!), and their families, you aren’t alone. These days, teaching is starting to feel a lot like customer service. But what happens when “the customer isn’t always right?” What’s the cost if we listen attentively and let them vent? Apologize

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Avoid These Mistakes and Better Support Your Teachers’ Mental Health

In my tenth year of teaching, I went through an extremely difficult period. I hit a pretty low point and finally decided to get counseling. The problem was, it was really hard to fit therapy into my busy teaching schedule. When I shared with my principal what I was going through and the challenges to getting help, he jumped right in. Whenever I had an appointment, he would cover the last 15 minutes of my class so I could get there on time.

You see, he understood something—that supporting his teachers’ mental health was the best thing for his school.

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15 Creative Writing Books for Teens & Tweens — WeAreTeachers

Helping kids build strong literacy skills can also ignite an interest in creative writing. Tween and teens in particular may crave opportunities to express themselves via silly stories, dramatic narratives, or free-flowing verse. The following creative writing books for teens are excellent resources for middle school and high school students wanting to delve deeper into crafting poetry and prose. 

Creative Writing Books for Tweens

Alphamaniacs: Builders of 26 Wonders of the Word by Paul Fleischman

This illustrated biographical anthology explains how famous writers throughout history having played with word structure and phonics.

Brave The Page by Rebecca Stern and Grant

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Boston Parents Rally for In-Person School Reopening

Boston public school parents and students frustrated by the city government’s failure to open in-person school for most of the city’s public school students are organizing, staging a rally outside City Hall to prod the city to do better.

Dozens of parents and students braved the both the pandemic and the city’s notoriously bleak and windswept City Hall Plaza on Wednesday December 2 to march in a circle, pose for pictures, speak to reporters, and hold hand-lettered signs with slogans like “I Need to be in School!”

Whether the activism over the school closure will last past the eventual end

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