31 Best Teacher Halloween Costumes for Groups & Partners

While most of 2020 seems canceled, Halloween is still on! And no matter how you’re teaching this year, you can still plan to dress up in a costume. Grab your teacher besties and choose the ultimate partner (or group) Halloween costume! Can’t decide? No worries; we’ve done the research for you. Below are the best (and cutest) Halloween costume ideas for teachers we’ve spotted on Instagram. The only decision now is which one to choose.

1. Play Doh

Yellow T-shirts? Check. Printed signs? Check. Easiest partner Halloween costume ever? Check.

2. Blue’s Clues & Co.

I’ll give you four clues what this next group costume is! Steve, Blue, and Salt and Pepper! Bring Blue’s Clues to life with this cute group costume. 

3. Napoleon and Pedro 

Don’t forget to vote for Pedro!

4. Maz Kanata and Rey

If you and your teacher bestie share a love of Star Wars—the force is with you on this one!

5. Mouse, Moose, and Pig…

Just add a cookie, muffin and pancake and you have the perfect homage to this favorite series of books!

6. The Princess A-Team

Let your inner Disney princess shine! There are so many princesses to choose from, so gather up your teacher friends and everyone can pick their favorite. 

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Teachers

Did you know a group of turtles are called a “bale?” Yep, you can use this fun costume as a teaching moment too!

8. Cruella de Vil and Dalmatians

If you wanted, you could gather 101 of your teacher besties to join in!

9. Minions United

Get your crew together and go yellow!

10. The Emoji Keyboard

Because you’re texting these to each other all day, every day any way, right?

11. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

Can anyone resist the Chipmunks? Bonus points if you sing the theme song!

12. Slinky Dog

Logistics of actually teaching while wearing this aside, this is fun way to dress up with your BFF.

13. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Everyone wins with this sweet idea.

14. Shark Week

Dun dun … dun dun … dun dun … winning.

15. The Office

For your Office-loving crew.

16. Zenon and Nebula

Zoom zoom zoom! Will you be my supernova teacher?

17. A Hippo Named Boo Boo Butt and a Robot Monkey

All credit goes to BJ Novak for inspiring these costumes.

18. Dominoes

Simple but sweet.

19. French Mimes

Does this give you the added task of teaching without words? 

20. Coffee and Donut

Why not recreate your favorite teacher’s lounge snack?

21. “The Day The Crayons Quit”

If your class loves this book, they’ll get a kick out of this group costume.

22. 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish 

Bonus: you can reuse this tu-tu’s next year for the “Day the Crayons Quit” costumes.

23. Bowl of Fruit 

All they are missing is a balloon-covered bunch of grapes.

24. Best Friend Necklace

You probably had one of those “best friend” heart necklaces as a girl, right? 

25. The Holidays

Everyone picks their favorite holiday.

26. The Care Bears

Do the Care Bear Stare!

27. Expo Markers

A take on the Crayola colors! 

28. Field Trip Survivors

Easy to put together!

29. Giraffe’s Can’t Dance

Read the book and show off your onesies!

30. Pooh and Friends!

A classic and easy to put together.

31. Disco Teachers

Show off your dance moves!

Do you have an amazing group or partner Halloween costume?  Come and share in our WeAreTeachers Chat group on Facebook.

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